PlayStation released its latest title "Secrets of Mana," a remake of a title previously on Super Nintendo. The new game promises players the latest in 3D technology with multiplayer features. In addition, to this new release for PlayStation 4, Sony is offering additional Free Games this month, adding new titles to the hundreds available on PS Now, and may be teasing a new football game.

Is a new football game on the horizon?

Comic Book reported that PlayStation may be teasing a new NCAA football game. On the opening weekend of college football, a new commercial caught gamers' interest that looked like it might be advertising a preview for a new football game to play.

The new commercial featured prominent names in college football including Urban Meyer, Deshaun Watson, Joey Bosa, Derrick Henry, and Jim Harbaugh. The players and coaches showed in the commercial also had accomplishments outside of college football. Meyer is featured in the new commercial wearing an Ohio State jacket, something the school would have to give permission for. When schools start allowing their names to be used in commercials, it's a pretty good indication that a new game may be coming out. Gamers have pointed out that even though quotes were used in the commercial like "coming back even stronger," it may just be an advertisement for a college football game. Since EA Entertainment wasn't featured in the commercial, it's possible that another company may be creating a game.

What's new in the store

Forbes reported that there were new titles appearing in the store that would be free for users to play. The two games released for PS4 were "inFamous: Second Son" and "Strike Vector Ex." Other games released for other systems included "Truck Racer" and "Handball 2016" for PS3, while PS4/PS Vita received "We Are Doomed" and "Hatoful Boyfriend." Sony is also releasing "RIGS Mechanized Combat League," a virtual reality game for PSVR owners that will be available from September 5 through November 7.

The Daily Star UK reported that Sony is releasing 13 new titles for the PlayStation Now service. The new games will be available starting September 5, and include "Fall Out 3," "Fall Out: Vegas," and "RAGE," all produced by Bethesda. The games all take place in post-apocalyptic worlds. PlayStation Now is Sony's streaming service that allows players who own a PS3 or PS4 to play hundreds of games through a rental or subscription service. Sega also confirmed that it will release "Yakuza Kiwami 2" for PlayStation 4. There is no word yet on when that title will be available for players in the United States.