college football games have now been spread across every day of the Week for a few years, and they are using this scheduling to ensure that they can have as much visibility as possible regardless of who is playing. Someone who loves to watch sports will be interested to see what happens when they are clicking past the mid major teams that they find on TV. That will tide them over to Saturday, and they may even catch a game on Sunday. They get another random game on Monday, and they can be held over many times during the week until they get to Saturday again.

Why does this work?

There are many conferences

Every conference can ensure that they have picked a weekday where they can have their feature games every week, and it would help us get used to seeing those teams on that random day of the week. The NFL plays on Monday and Thursday, and college football wants to have control over other days of the week because they can convince super fans of certain conferences to watch. Someone who moves their feature game to Wednesday will own Wednesday because there is nothing else to watch unless you are watching playoff baseball halfway through the season.

Every conference has a name now

You have heard the names of the mid major teams, and you know that they have football teams you have never seen before.

You may stick your head in because you are expecting to see a lot of scoring, and you could fall in love with the scoring that you see that day every week. You may feel as though you are watching the Holiday Bowl every year, and you will notice that these teams are featured because they produce the most scoring. The conferences have been smart in choosing who plays at what time because they want as many eyes on those games as possible.

Find a random game

Simply enjoy as much college football as possible by picking a random game and watching. You will find teams that you may start to root for, and you could get interested in Hofstra football or UMASS football when you did not realize that they were any good at all. You may hear the James Madison marching band in the background and realize they are one of the best in the country.

You may find that Fresno State is still pretty good, and you may stumble across an Alcorn State game that reminds you of the late great Steve McNair. Be open to as many games as possible so that you can enjoy more college football, and you will notice how much easier it is to get your football fix.