The list of individuals calling for Donald Trump to undergo a psychological evaluation continues to grow. Now the host of Morning Joe is saying number 45 is "not all there." Even so, his supporters continue to defend him and this is dangerous.

Donald Trump needs help immediately for the sake of the nation

The behavior of number 45 continues to be questioned as he shows no signs of being presidential but continues operating, in the same manner, he always has. Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski was discussing Donald Trump's responses to recent events and asked if possibly number 45 was "not all there?

" It is becoming quite clear that this man is not fit for office, yet his supporters continue to defend him. He needs help and should get it immediately.

The Donald seems very disconnected from the reality of the tragedies that have taken place under his watch. When questioned, he gives an answer that does not correspond with the issue he is addressing. His bizarre behavior has only increased since he became the leader of the free world, and this could be very dangerous for the entire nation. Anyone who is not capable of making rational decisions or does not listen to wise counsel, should not be in the position of one of the most powerful men in the world. It is long past time for a psychological evaluation to take place.

How long will number 45 be allowed to continue behaving badly

Brzezinski addresses the fact that whenever number 45 is speaking from the heart and not reading a teleprompter his answers are often insensitive and inappropriate. How long will his supporters pretend nothing is wrong and how much longer will the American people have to deal with a leader who is always behaving badly?

It is time for Donald Trump to be forced have that psychological evaluation, not just for the nation but for his own sake. The list of Americans who believe has mental health issues keeps growing as those working for him continues to decrease.

The list of Americans who think Donald Trump has mental health issues keeps growing as those working for him continues to decrease.

The defections from the White House are unlike anything that took place in previous presidencies. Those who continue to say The Donald is doing a good job need a serious reality check. U.S. citizens who believe number 45 is not all there, are not being disrespectful of the office of president. They are taking notice of what is going on right in front of them, and courageous enough to ask that something be done about it.