The oklahoma Sooners have done something that none of us saw coming, even though we knew that they were in good shape going into the season. The Sooners lost their head coach, took on a rookie head coach, and became the hottest team in America in just a few short weeks. The Oklahoma Sooners playing under Lincoln Riley are perfect, and they could not have looked better when they played the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday.

They have the quarterback play of Baker Mayfield to carry them, and they look like a favorite to go to the playoff with only two weeks completed this season.

Someone who loves college football could not have predicted this because we did not know how good Riley would be. However, we should have bet on Baker Mayfield because we knew exactly how good he would be.

He makes all the throws

Baker Mayfield is capable of making all the throws, no matter where he is on the field, and that is a consistent theme with him. His career has been marked by amazing passing, and he has led the Sooners emotionally for each of the last two years.

He came to Oklahoma as a good quarterback, but he will leave Oklahoma as perhaps their best quarterback. He made the short throws, the long throws, and the smart passes out of bounds to keep drives alive. The Sooners are in very good shape with a guy like this on their roster, and they should be thanking their lucky stars that he is still in Norman.

Many NFL teams may want his services come the spring.

Lincoln Riley

Riley obviously knows how to manage a game, and he has done the smart thing in allowing his staff to do a lot of the work that he is not yet qualified to do. He has managed the program beautifully because everyone who is on the staff today was there when Bob Stoops left.

He has not changed a thing, and he is merely putting his stamp on this team through the offense.

It would be interesting to see him work the offensive meeting room because he probably has a slightly different way of doing things that makes this offense even more special than it was before. Their offense will make them heavy favorites to beat whoever they face in the Big 12 title game.

No one wants this team

Who would want to play a team this good in the College Football Playoff? Nobody would want to play the Sooners right now. They just beat one of the best teams in the country, and they may have ruined Ohio State's season before the Buckeyes even got to conference play. The Sooners are the spoilers that we all wanted to see this season, and we should keep an eye on them because Mayfield looks like he could finally win the Heisman.