The children in this photo are my grandchildren. The world will perceive them as African American, and they will be related to as such. White supremacists do not believe they have a place in this nation. Unknown to most these children are a unique blend of ethnicities which makes them the average American citizen. And they are proud of what is in their ancestry.

No one pure dominate superior race in America

These children's father is biracial because his mother is white, and all known descendants on that side of the family are white. My son in law's father is African American.

The children's mother, my daughter knows a bit more about her racial identity and it is fascinating. My mother's father( my grandad) was biracial having a white mother and black father. My father's father, ( my paternal grandpa) said his dad was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. Racists, however, will only see them as black even though DNA tells another story.

If all Americans, including Donald Trump, checked out they might conclude there is no one Pure Race in this nation, My great grandmother on my mom's side said her mother was part Indian but she did not know the tribe. My husband has white and Indian in his ancestry with some relatives who were black as the night, and others who were so light they could pass for white.

When my children and grandchildren were born they all had Mongolian blue butt syndrome.This is when blue or green discoloring that looks like bruises appear on the back shoulders our buttocks of newborn children. Blue butt syndrome indicates Mediterranean Asian or Native American somewhere in the DNA. My grandchildren are the face of present-day America.

Looks can be deceptive when it comes to ancestry

Those who are indifferent like Donald Trump, as well as those who believe there is one pure white race in America are sadly mistaken. Looks can be deceiving. Prior to my mother's father being born all previous descendants on that side were white, and now they have all been black for several generations.

Even more interesting is the dynamic of my late brothers family. He was a dark complexioned black male who married a white woman.

Should his children marry white and have their own families it is possible, that 4 or 5 generations down the line, there will be American citizens who look white and may even associate with racists and have no idea that great, great grandpa was black. White supremacists need to do a serious check of their DNA before they talk about a pure race. And even if it appears there has been no race mixing they still need to consider Thomas Jefferson's situation.

The third U.S. president has direct descendants living today who came from his wife, and also those who came from his affair with Sally Hemings, and DNA proves it.

The two groups have met and get along and have reunions together at Monticello. Those fanning the flames of division in this nation should learn a lesson from these descendants. Jefferson was not the only white slave owner to have children with a slave. Someone promoting hate may share ancestry with the very people he or she wants to separate from.