Overwatch” has a lot of unique characters, each with their own play styles and abilities. One main reason why the first-person shooter has become so popular is that everyone can play it. Even if you can’t aim or kill, there are characters that don’t have to rely on taking out enemies to help their team. For example, Tank heroes mainly provide cover for their allies so that they stay safe behind barriers or shields. There are a total of six playable Tanks in the game that defend their team in their own ways. With that being said, here are my Top three best Tank heroes in “Overwatch.”


Orisa is the third additional character in the game that was patched in after the Offense hero, Sombra.

Unlike the other two previous character, Orisa focuses on deploying barriers around the field and keeping enemies in their place. Following her recent buff, there have been plenty of players picking this hero in battle as her shields are exceptionally large. She also has a faster fire rate, meaning she can take down enemies easier. While many players believed that Reinhardt was the best tank, Orisa is also a strong Tank hero. Furthermore, she can even counter powerful heroes like Doomfist with her unique set of skills. Due to her shield’s size and low cooldown, Orisa and Torbjorn have been a popular pick in the current competitive season.


“Overwatch” hero D.Va has been in both the low and high ends of the meta.

While she’s one of the more unconventional Tanks in the game, D.Va is still a formidable foe who can harass enemies while protecting her team. Her Defense Matrix only absorbs projectiles, but she can also swallow ultimate abilities like Mei’s Blizzard or Zarya’s Graviton Surge. She’s also getting a new ability called Micro Missiles that fire a barrage of projectiles at the enemy.

There’s no doubt that she’ll be another popular pick in the current competitive season because of her mobility and offensive capabilities.


Before his shield buff, Winston was one of the most underutilized heroes in the game. However, his popularity surged in the previous season as he could harass foes while easily escaping with his jump ability.

Winston’s still in a pretty good spot right now and is still one of the most picked Tank heroes. While his primary fire is a bit weak, it’s enough to harass Support characters and take down annoying foes like Genji or Tracer. If you want a mobile Tank hero with a solid defense, Winston’s your character.