Overwatch” has a unique cast filled with different characters that each have their own play style. Even if you aren’t a fan of first-person shooters, chances are there’s a character in the game that’s meant for you. If you aren’t good at shooting down enemies, you can act as a Tank and guard your allies instead. Moreover, you can even play as a Support hero and heal your allies instead. The Support role is the Life Blood of the team as you’ll have to keep everyone (including yourself) alive, especially during heavy team fights. There are a total of five playable Support heroes, with one of them focusing on creating barriers instead of healing.

With that being said, here are my top three best Support characters in “Overwatch.”


Mercy is the “go to” Support character in the game because of her relatively easy play style and sustainable heals. To heal allies, she simply needs to toggle her healing beam and stay within their range. Mercy can also damage boost her allies, fly away with Guardian Angel, and bring dead comrades back to life with her ultimate ability. She’s a great entry-level hero for those who aren’t familiar with the first-person shooter genre and is pretty flexible in most maps. If you prefer staying in the back lines while supporting your team, you can’t go wrong by picking Mercy.


Unlike Mercy, Ana has a much more complicated play style with the exchange of having more utility.

This Support hero has to shoot her allies to heal them, but luckily her shots have a pretty large hit box. She can also throw grenades that both enhances and denies healing depending on which team you’re on, and she has a sleep dart that can knock out enemies for a few seconds. Ana is a complicated hero and is suited for more advanced players as she has to monitor both her allies and enemies.

A good Ana can keep her team alive while dealing some damage on the side.


Lucio is one of the most mobile characters in the game, thanks to his nifty Speed Boost. The great thing about the said ability is that it can also affect his team within the radius. That way, he can escort allies out of the spawn area faster. As a Support hero, Lucio can also heal his allies in a large radius which is great if you’re acting as a solo healer.

However, he has the slowest heal rate and can’t really keep Tank heroes topped up. Nonetheless, his versatility in the battlefield makes him one of the most popular Support heroes in “Overwatch.” He can even shoot and take down enemies without worrying about who to heal.