Overwatch” is filled with a diverse cast of characters that each have their own strength and weaknesses. As for Offense heroes, there are a total of eight characters to choose from that all play differently from one another. Some may rely more on stealth while others charge in the battle guns blazing. I’ve personally tried all the Offense heroes in the game and some stand out more to me compared to others. With that being said, here are my Top three best Offense heroes to play in “Overwatch.”


Sombra was the second additional character to be released in the game, following the Support hero, Ana.

While many believed that this Offense hero would be a bit overpowered, she disappointed many players with her gun’s large spread. In spite of this, Sombra is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to shutting down her enemies with the Hack skill. Her gun can also shred enemies, although just not as fast as McCree or Soldier:76.

Sombra has a unique play style among the other Offense heroes as she has to rely on stealth and disruption rather than scoring kills. In the right hands, a good Sombra player can create wide openings for her team to take advantage of. If you want to roam around the field while scoring a few kills, Sombra is the character for you.


Unlike Sombra, Pharah mainly relies more on dealing damage and softening up other enemies like Tanks.

Aside from Mercy, this Offense hero is the only other character in the game that can fly. With that being said, Pharah is best used in the sky while she rains rockets down at her enemies. A good Pharah main with good timing can kill foes in around two hits or so. Moreover, a Phrah can be an enemy team’s worst nightmare if they don’t know how to kill one.

Overall, Pharah is a pretty annoying hero that can poke, or even kill, her enemies.


Tracer is one of the conventional “Overwatch” DPS characters who concentrates on zipping in the enemy backlines and causing some havoc before zooming back to her team. While she has the lowest health pool among the entire cast, she’s also the fastest character.

Tracer can disorient her enemies by blinking around the field, and the Recall skill gives her a second chance in battles. This hero is especially annoying to deal with if you’re a Support character since they lack the offensive options to fight back. If you want to use a character that can faze opponents with impressive speed, you can’t go wrong by picking Tracer.