What is the purpose of a coach in the NFL? Coaches are often seen as the people who take the blame for teams that do not play well, but coaching truly matters. There are so many guys in the NFL who are waiting to be coached properly because they are a small part of a very large unit. Managing 53 people every week is very hard, and Sean Mcvay has shown that he knows how to manage a team that floats around a young quarterback. Goff has been amazing, and he has been amazing because McVay has been guiding him.

The Steelers

The Steelers have had only three coaches since the 70s, and that should tell you all you need to know about what a coach means to a team.

Picking the right guy means that you can let him coach until he is ready to retire, and that has happened twice. The Steelers have retired two brilliant coaches, and they will no doubt retire Mike Tomlin when he is ready to stop. He is still a young man, and he makes a big difference for the Steelers.

The 49ers

The 49ers were able to win five Super Bowls in 15 years because they only had two coaches in that time. They gave the team to Bill Walsh assistant George Seifert when Walsh retired, and they maintained a very strong culture that was started by Walsh because he had very specific ideas about how to run the team.

The Patriots

You cannot tell me that Bill Belichick is not the reason the Patriots are great.

He is in control of the whole franchise, and he is managing it perfectly. He has done an amazing job with this team, and he has created a franchise that is very easy to respect because they are very consistent. The team will have to start all over again when Belichick leaves, and they will see what a true MVP he has been of this franchise.

The Rams

The Rams have not been consistent in the past because they have changed coaches so many times in the past that they do not even know who they are. Sean McVay had to go in and explain what he thought the best thing for the team was. He wanted the team to make better decisions on the field, and he has trained Jared Goff to play a smart game.

Again, this team put up 46 points in their first game of the season, and they showed that they are more than worthy of our praise. They might not even make the playoffs this season, but it is possible that they will make a lot of noise in their own division. The Seahawks and Cardinals probably expected to beat the Rams twice, but now those games will be very hard as a young Sean McVay looks across the field to see his older contemporaries.