The NFLPA has received the injunction and restraining order that prevents the NFL from suspending Ezekiel Elliott, and now the NFL has let the courts know that they want to appeal that decision. It is sad to think that we are going to spend all this Money on lawyers over one Case when it could have been resolved fairly simply. It is as if the NFL likes to waste money on cases that would have been simpler to handle internally. They could have kept this all to themselves, and a judge would never have had to get involved.

The legal case is interesting

Tom Brady has already been down this road, but judges have to come up with big judgements that they write down and explain exactly why they did what they did. No judge is going to tell the NFL that they can do whatever they want after listening for five minutes. They will not tell the NFLPA that they are good to go just because they feel sorry for them. This takes hundreds of manhours to manage, and it spends far too much of the NFL's money. The players are likely not that happy about this, and they will probably want to bring up the issue of Roger Goodell making all these decisions in the next CBA. It seemed like a good idea because he started on the NFL legal team, but he has clearly overstepped his bounds many times over.

They will not strike for this

The players will not strike for the five or six guys a year who fall under the personal conduct policy. If you were one of the over thousand guys who were doing the right things, would you throw away a whole season on this? No, you would not. You would wonder why these guys cannot get it together, and you would wonder why so many of your dues are going to defending a guy who is a fool and makes bad decisions.

The NFL is wrong to be doing this so badly, but Elliott was just as wrong when he assaulted that girl or did whatever it is the NFL thinks he did.

Elliott will serve this suspension

Elliott will serve this suspension at some point, and there are many pundits who think the same thing. If he is going to serve the suspension anyways, why is the NFLPA fighting for one of the just a couple guys who will be a trouble for them?

Would you give up on Elliott and tell him he is on his own, or would you keep spending money on a defense that may be doomed to fail. It is very simple to understand the moral dilemma because you either think that Elliott has been wronged, or you think that he is a foolish boy who needs to make better decisions. Which side are you on in this little debate?