Christian Mccaffrey is one of the best rookies in the NFL this season, and he was eclipsed by many other good players who had great weeks. We sort of missed McCaffrey because Kareem Hunt and Blake Bortles really shocked us. McCaffrey could be amazing for the Panthers, and he should continue to improve over the course of the season. The season is very long, and a guy like this could amass 2000 total yards this season given how he started.

His college resume

Did you know that McCaffrey had over 3800 total yards in a season? That is obscene when you consider that NFL quarterbacks have to work to throw for 4000 yards in a season.

This guy did all that in fewer games, and he will continue to play the game as he did in college. The Panthers will continue to use him to run and pass, and they will likely dare other teams to stop them. They may not be able to stop the Panthers because Christian is small and elusive. He is a gifted athlete, and he can get outside without any problem when he has the ball. Guys that are small will have a hard time going down because people cannot reach them. There is less to tackle, and McCaffrey can wear his jersey tight to make himself even harder to tackle.

Newton to McCaffrey and Benjamin

Combining McCaffrey with Kelvin Benjamin makes this offense scary, and it is important for the team to continue to press into this situation.

They have to get as much out of these guys as they can, and they can do so by keeping other teams honest. Teams that are afraid of McCaffrey running will find him catching little dump off passes, and they will leave Kelvin Benjamin open because they were so terrified of what could happen. The Panthers have shown that they have good offensive options this season, and we need to see if they can perform against the best teams in the league.

You may start all these guys on your fantasy team, and they will do well for you.

NFC South

The Panthers could give the Falcons problems in the NFC South if McCaffrey is able to get outside with the ball. He can make his way to the second and third levels of the defense because he is so much faster than most people in the league, and he could score a lot of points that the Panthers did not have last year.

The Panthers need to have weapons that Newton can use, and they need to make sure that they have put them all in the right position to succeed.

Christian McCaffrey and his Panthers teammates have shown that they can create a brand new offense that is very exciting to play in. They can make the team much better much faster by confusing their opponents.