We could talk about football for a moment when referencing the Miami Dolphins, but everything is up in the air as the state of Florida is evacuated in advance of Hurricane Irma. The Dolphins had their first game postponed, and they are planning on training in California. These guys, their staff, and their families must leave everything behind in Florida while they prepare to play football. It must be one of the worst feelings in the world, and we should lift them up as much as we can while they work to entertain those of us who are fans.

Many players are not rich

There are many players across the NFL who are not as rich as we think they are. They may make a bit more money than we do, but they are not swimming in cash like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Many of these guys could have their homes flooded or destroyed by this hurricane, and there are likely many other players in the NFL who choose to live in Florida during the offseason. A lot of guys who have to get ready to play games we watch could lose everything they own, and we might not even hear about it.

They will help out

NFL players are very good about having charities and helping in the community. The guys who lose their homes in this hurricane could be out in the community doing work that helps people recover.

They are putting their own concerns aside to ensure that the people they see suffering are given the help that they need. An NFL player who needs to clear out their flooded home may well spend hours helping others. This is a beautiful thing, and we should support these guys as much as we can.

The league must bend its schedule

The Dolphins could play their games in a number of different places during the season, and some vendors and businesses will not have the revenue that they usually get from Dolphins home games. We should focus on these businesses because they need extra help to survive this terrible storm. Something that could be as bad or worse than hurricane Andrew must be taken seriously now that there are more businesses on the fringes of the NFL.

Check in

We need to check back after the storm passes so that we know how things are going in Florida. The recovery could take a long time, and we need to check on our friends and family that live down in Florida. These people need a lot of support, and we should contribute to charities and causes that we hear about through the news or our favorite NFL players. We can follow the lead of amazing men like those who play for the Dolphins, and we can lift each other up.