Lincoln Riley learned how to be a head coach when his mentor in Mike Leach got fired. That was a pivotal moment in his career, and it showed him how to not make the same mistakes as his forefathers. Many people do not learn from their mistakes, and they tend to make those mistakes over and over again. Lincoln had a wonderful showing in the opening game for the Oklahoma Sooners, and he is prepared to be a head coach because he watched another good coach flame out.

Remain stable

Mike Leach is not known for being emotionally reserved, and he had many incidents that were reported in the media.

He allowed his emotions to get the better of him, and that was part of what led to his firing. That must have been hard to go through, but Lincoln shows that he learned from that experience because he has been very cool, calm, and collected as the Oklahoma head coach. He entered his opening game with a good head on his shoulders, and he will likely look just as cool when his team plays Ohio State.

Playing a tough schedule

Oklahoma will play a very tough schedule this season, and they will likely be very good even though they have an untested coach. Lincoln's demeanor will go a long way to help the team perform well, and he could sneak up on the college football world to win a national title in much the same way that his predecessor did.

Oklahoma fans are very nervous because they want to see the level of success that they got used to when they first had Bob Stoops on the sideline.

Youth earns confidence

Lincoln is a very young coach, and he has many years to prove that he should have this job. He will likely give the people of Oklahoma many things to cheer about, and he will show them how he plans to grow the program.

His own recruiting classes could become legendary, and he may find the next Baker Mayfield or Adrian Peterson. He is responsible for a multimillion dollar enterprise that drives the state of Oklahoma, and his youth gives him more than enough time to learn and grow as a leader of people.

A good first season

It is important that Riley has a good first season.

He will set the tone for the program for years to come if he has an amazing season to start his career. He can prove to the people of Oklahoma that they can trust him, and he could give them many thrilling games that will become his signature achievements. He must have something he can point to that says he is the best man for the job, and he seems poised to create those magical moments.