Kirby Smart must be reeling because now Jacob Eason has left the Georgia opener with an injury. Remember when he took the Georgia job because he could have this amazing recruit that was going to go to Georgia even though Mark Richt was going to Miami? Remember? That was why this job would be so great, and they had an average year last year. Now, this kid is out of their first game against a team they should beat handily. This is not good for a Georgia team that is already having issues.

Eason was the great white hope

He was coming to UGA to save them and give them the quarterback that they needed.

He was going to give them everything they ever wanted, and they could build their whole program around him. Kirby could build the program around this phenom, and he could get him for four years. There was nothing but hope in this, and now he is leaving the game with an injury we do not know. Seems less than promising at the moment.

They are not focused

The Bulldogs have a major problem because they have two guys who could rush for 1000 yards, and they have this guy who should be passing on every down. They are not sure what they are, and now their quarterback is hurt. If he were heading off more, there would be more room for him to look better. I feel as though they are trying to make him into this QB savant in the second year when they need to look at him as a four year project.

They need to be patient

Not one time have I thought the Bulldogs were being patient with their progress. They are trying to force it because they think the east is up for grabs. It is not. They will still lose the east to Florida, and they will have to wait to get in line behind South Carolina. We have seen this show before, and it always ends in Georgia fans disappointed because they thought their team was better than it actually was.

Circle the cocktail party

Florida-Georgia in Jacksonville is going to be very telling because we will get a good game or no game. The Bulldogs could go out there and be so bad that we write them off, or we could see them be so good that we think they should win the east. I have no idea right now because they cannot even get out of their cupcake game without any problems.

Meanwhile, Alabama is playing Florida state, and Florida is playing Michigan. I think they might be a little higher on the food chain.

Georgia needs a reset, and I do not want to know about it until they really test Eason. There is no reason to rush him back and force it.