Just imagine a 12-year-old boy having a social media platform such as Instagram, Music.ly, and a YouTube account. Many kids have these accounts and so many more are going to get one. Imagine a young quiet 12-year-old boy lip-syncing -- which is when you mouth song words-- growing to be a mega million follower live hit. Believe it or not, this million follower pop star is Jacob Sartorius.

Who is Jacob Sartorius?

A young teen boy with lots of hopes has his come true as this Virginia-born teen -- born Rolf Jacob Sartorius-- rose up to fame in 2015 when he made a lot of Music.ly songs, which multiplied his followers and views across social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter.

In 2016 he released his first mega, mega hit called Sweatshirt where he gives a girl his sweatshirt and it became a hit across every name and his world flipped and this young 13 year-old boy is now mega-famous. His young attitude, looks, and talents have peaked though many young teens.

What is some of his work?

Jacob Sartorius has released a few songs. He released his first hit in 2016 Sweatshirt released by T3 records, in Sweatshirt he offers a girl his sweatshirt. He made a music video on Sweatshirt where he is in school and gives a fellow classmate, who he has a crush on, his Sweatshirt. This song was released as a single, and once it went to Spotify and iTunes, it became a million listener hit.

His last hit Last Text has many followers grabbing on to him.

Hit songs

  • "Sweatshirt"
  • "Hit or Miss"
  • "All my friends"
  • "Last Text"

He and T3 have also released a lot of instrumental pieces and music videos.

He is getting bigger

This 13-year-old boy, is starting to grow. He is performing in lots of shows, and lots of events. Girls and boys are loving him and he could be the next biggest thing.

Many children pop stars have come up this way, from Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande. The next big thing to hit America's music industry could be a young 12 year-old boy, Jacob Sartorius is here whether he will stay or not is unknown.