FAU lost to Navy 42-19, and they had to wait until 2 AM for the game to finish. This was not how Lane Kiffin planned to coach his first game, and his FAU squad got chewed up by the Navy triple option. This is only the beginning, but it is a good step for Lane to say he wanted to wait all night to finish the game. I do not care if he was just saying the right things because he has shown us that he has a good intention for his team. He is a very good coach in that we know he likes to win, but losing by 23 points may not be a good omen.

The team might correct itself

You probably think that I am too interested in Lane Kiffin's success, but the thing you have to remember is that this guy is really good at what he does. His dad invented the cover two defense. His father created the most popular and widely known defense outside of the 46 defense ever. This guy said rightly that Alabama would have won a national title had he been calling their plays, and he could be an innovator at FAU. It is the perfect place for him, and I want to see a correction.

He has not been a knucklehead yet

I have not seen anything silly from Lane Kiffin yet, and I hope that we can keep it that way. I know that some people think that he will slip up any minute now, or he could have learned his lesson.

I have no idea, but I would like to see his team get better while he is behaving himself. It is much simpler for someone like Lane Kiffin to hide at FAU, and perhaps he will hide in his office when he wants to say something stupid to the media. That would be a much better choice for him, and it would help him focus his team.

It is a long season

I would be interested to see the team progress over the season, and it would be interesting to see if we have a PJ Fleck situation at FAU. This team could go on a tear, or they will stink, and we realize that Lane needs to be a coordinator. That would make him the Norv Turner of college football, and he could get a job fixing someone's offense.

Who could he fix?

Since we are talking about Lane moving on from FAU at some point, we should speak of the offense that you want to see him fix. I would love to see him go up to Norte Dame and fix their offense. What if he went up to Georgia to fix their offense? You know you want to see two years of Jacob Eason with Lane Kiffin. He could go to LSU if Matt Canada does not work out, and he could go to a place like South Carolina to help them score points. The possibilities are endless after week one of the new college football season.