odell beckham jr did not play for the giants in week one, and the offense looked terrible. This is not his fault because they have a terrible offensive line, but Odell would have made things a lot easier for Eli Manning if he had been on the field. There are many people who are thinking that Beckham wants to start a faux hold out so that he can get his money, but it is more likely that he is being careful with his body. He needs to get on the field as soon as possible so that the people who are on the field with him have an easier time creating offense.

The Giants stink

This team is in real trouble because they have a bad offensive line. They have a bad offensive attack, and they were missing their best player. Odell may be the best player in the history of the franchise if you are talking about pure athletic ability. Beckham needs to be on the field because he is the best option for Eli Manning. The team can start to score if they have a complete offense, and we can stop talking about how bad Eric Flowers is. He has been atrocious, but he is not the only reason that this team is bad. They have not paid attention to their offensive line, and they are suffering.

Jerry Reese

Jerry Reese has done a terrible job putting this team together because he has spent too much time and energy on the defense.

It is as if he was looking at that depth chart on his wall and the offensive line was pushed down in the corner where he could not see it. The offensive line has gotten so bad that this team could waste all the years that Eli Manning has left. It took the Falcons three years to fix their offensive line, and it could take the Giants just as long to complete the same process.

There is no one on the market that can help this team right now, and it is hard to imagine that the Giants will learn from their mistakes.


The Giants are being very stubborn about how they have put their team together. They look as if they have convinced themselves that they made the right choices when they put together this offensive line.

They did not, and they cannot afford to have Odell Beckham hurt on the sideline. They should have at least paid him so that they could stop this vicious cycle. The Giants chose not to do anything for their offense, and we saw them struggle so badly that they did not score a touchdown. They looked as bad as they possibly could, and it should be scary for Giants fans to watch because this team should not look pathetic.

The Giants need to swallow their pride, fix their offensive line, help Eli, and sign Odell.