When it comes to religion sometimes people really cannot see the forest for the trees. This is true of Paula White's assertion that God placed Donald Trump in office as the 45th president. In actuality, the American people exercised free will choice, and the electoral college had the final say so. There is a difference in God allowing people to make up their own minds and his actually stepping into the situations of man.

Americans exercise free will at the voting booth

In the Bible, in the books of Kings and Chronicles, there are many instances where it is written that God removed one man as king and set another in his place.

In our modern society, however, Americans go to the polls and cast a ballot for the person they believe will best serve as leader of this nation. While there were individuals who say they believe God told them to vote for Donald Trump, most U.S. citizens made their selection for partisan reasons. They exercised their free will choice, and that is how number 45 came into office.

Americans also have varied religious beliefs or none at all, and this is why Paula White saying God put Trump in office does not add up. She recently stated on the Jim Baker show that God lifted Trump up, but has since recanted saying she was hasty in expressing that sentiment. Paula White does what a lot of the celebrity preachers do, they pick out scriptures that seem to validate their point and use them without considering the context in which they were written.

Yes, the Bible says he sets one up and removes another, but that does not apply when millions of Americans go to the polls and use their free will to push a button, pull a lever or write in a name. And even then must abide by what the electoral college results are. That is not the same as the Almighty supernaturally causing a specific person to win the election.

This is why what Paula White said amounts to Fake News.

Americans desired change and change they got

American citizens voted for Donald Trump because they desired a change from the Obama and Clinton era policies. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but number 45 received the electoral college. It is that simple. Talk show host Ronald Martin took Paula White to task pointing out that the Bible says to look out for the poor, and the Bible does not discriminate against people of color.

He added that Donald Trump whom White said was chosen by God has shown himself to be an enemy of the poor and Americans who do not look like him. Martin spoke publicly what a lot of Christians have been saying behind the scenes. And that is that neither Paula White nor the president are conducting themselves in a manner that would lead anyone to believe God has chosen either one of them.