Ezekiel Elliott talked about being relieved when he played against the Giants, and he has said that he can now get a fair trial. This is a problem because he already has been through the legal process, and he is not really in any danger of losing his livelihood. He will likely serve that six game suspension, but his life has not been turned upside down. He is acting like someone who just spent years in jail after being wrongly accused. That is not what happened at all, and Elliott looks silly trying to play the victim in this situation with the NFL.

The NFL is wrong

The NFL has been completely inconsistent in how they hand out punishments for personal conduct problems. They gave Josh Brown a six game suspension even though he is not even in the NFL anymore. He will actually serve that suspension while he is not playing, and it looks really bad for the league to do something that seems so silly. Ezekiel Elliott was mishandled by the league because it appears that they are not listening to their investigators, trying him for things he did in college, taking too long to come to a conclusion, and giving him the wrong suspension.

Elliott needs to stop taking

Ezekiel Elliott needs to Stop Talking because he is not doing himself any favors by acting like he has been wronged by the system or something of that nature.

A judge has given him a restraining order so that he cannot be suspended, and his season has been preserved for now. Even before he was given the restraining order, Elliott was allowed to play this week and serve his suspension afterward. That is a bad look for the NFL, and it shows that he is receiving some kind of preferential treatment.

It is as if the NFL said "we know you sell tickets. You should play."

There are no words for this

A normal person would stop talking about this situation when all the evidence makes it look like he did something pretty appalling to this woman. There are reports that she was conspiring against him, but that does not mean she was not victimized at one point or another.

All the parties in this look sketchy, and they should all remain silent until it is completely resolved. Elliott's job is to play football, and Jerry Jones may need to hire someone to follow him around and tell him when to talk. Elliott will get to present all the evidence at some point, but he is not a wronged man who had his life ruined.

This writer is on the side of the NFL and Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott was not handled well by the NFL, but he needs to stop talking about it.