Tevin Coleman is the second running back in Atlanta, but he is first in the hearts of Chicago. The Falcons will play up at Soldier Field where Coleman has not been even though he is a native, and he is excited to show out in this first game for him in that stadium. He has carved out an amazing career for himself by playing perfectly behind Freeman, and he is gaining quite a lot of notoriety because of the way that he plays the game. He is a versatile back who compliments Freeman well, and he provides yet another offensive option that is required in Atlanta.

They need both

This versatile offense that Atlanta runs is based on the fact that they are running many people out there who can hurt you. First, it is Freeman, then it is Julio Jones, then it is Coleman, and it goes on and on. The Falcons want to confuse you when you are trying to figure out where they will come from next, and that is how they score most of their points. Having a second running back makes it very hard to a gameplan because the opposing team has to look across at the Falcons and wonder how they plan to use the two backs they see.

They have to maximize him

Tevin Coleman is not likely to get paid big money by the Falcons because they have already committed a lot of money to Devonta Freeman.

There is nothing wrong with that at all, but a hard cap in the NFL makes it hard for you just to pay anyone you want as much as you want. Coleman can likely get more money on the open market, and that time will come sooner than we think. The Falcons have to get as much out of him as possible because they have to prepare for a time when he will leave for a better contract that he so rightly deserves.

He can surprise you

Coleman is not the feature back of this offense, and he can still surprise the opponents because they were more afraid of Freeman. He will be covered just a bit by the fact that we all know Freeman will be featured, and Coleman has to slip in and make his contribution. Someone who loves the Falcons will see Coleman make amazing plays because he is hidden by the other pieces on the offense that are much better.

Coleman can swing out for little hitch routes, and he can get to the outside because he is very fast.

The NFL needs these guys

The small, versatile back is a very serious component of the offense in the modern NFL. The Patriots have used them for years, but they never sign them to long deals because they do not have to. Coleman has to look great, so he can get his money.