Mitchell Trubisky is now the number two quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and that raises questions about how long they will go with Mike Glennon before they chuck the rookie in there. They could use him as their starter at any time, and they need to know what they have in him before they go too much farther thinking he is the future.

Trubisky has earned the spot, but it is important to remember that he needs more time before he gets thrown into the fire. The Bears are hoping to have a plan for the future that includes this guy as their starter, and Glennon is on the clock.

They will have to trade Glennon

They have to trade Glennon when they realize that he is no longer the answer for them, and the Bears need to be sure that they get value back for Mike Glennon. Mike Glennon has value to some other franchise, and they will likely find that they can get something back for him that will be functional for them. They have to put as many people around Trubisky as they can. They can do that when they trade for someone who will be a better help to the franchise.

Trubisky is moving up

If Trubisky is progressing at the rate that the Bears coaching staff says that he is, he will probably be ready to go halfway through the season. I would be personally interested to see the offense run under Trubisky knowing that he is the longerm starter, and there are many things that could happen while he is in there.

The Bears can start to make plans for the future because they have seen what he can do. He may be the next Joe Montana, or he may be the next Ryan Leaf. They have to find out before they start to dive in. If they think he is no good, they need to make new plans.

They should go slow

The Bears have to move as slow as possible because they are in danger of pushing him too hard and too fast.

David Carr is no longer in football because he got beat up so badly when he started his career. The Texans asked him to do everything, and they failed.

It is better to ask Trubisky to look his best even if the team is losing. They could go 5-11, but they would be happy if he looked great because they know how bad Peyton Manning was his first two season and now we are talking about how he is the best offensive mind in history.

I like the move

If the Bears truly believe this is the right move, they need to make these choices as soon as possible. They need to give Mike Glennon a new place to play so that they are not stringing him along, and it is wise for them to give Trubisky their full faith.