The Atlanta Falcons have a brand new Offensive Line that has been put into place because they have been dragged through the muck because of their poor drafting on the line. They have Jake Matthews on their team, but they have begun to fill people in to ensure that Matt Ryan will be protected, and they are inserting new guys who will become the new strong core of the line. It may not be as good as the Cowboys offensive line, but it could be really good considering all the focus The Falcons have put on it.

They are still young

Wes Schweitzer is just one guy that the Falcons have added to the line, and there are others who are just as young as he.

These guys will grow up with Matt Ryan because quarterbacks are playing longer than ever. They will be grown men with kids, and Matt Ryan will still be standing behind them when he is 40. They must ensure that they are holding their team together as much as possible, and the Falcons must take care of these guys to ensure that they are happy in Atlanta. They could build a line with a bunch of names we do not know, but they will keep Matt Ryan upright.

Never disrespect the line

Avoiding your lines of defense and offense will cause problems for your team for years to come, and that is why the Falcons were a surprise when they went to the Super Bowl. Their offensive line was so bad for so many years that all anyone talked about was how bad they were.

They were maligned for how poorly they protected Matt Ryan, and they were never comfortable in their positions. The team finally drafted Jake Matthews, and that started a flurry of changes to the line that included a complete overhaul of their depth chart.

Take care of them

This Schweitzer kid could be one of the best interior linemen in the league in ten years, and we will be lauding him for the work that he does if he is kept on the roster and supported.

It is not hard to build an offensive line once you have identified all your best players. Pay them, treat them well, and give them the appreciation that they deserve. We know many names from offensive lines of the past because they were allowed to play for decades with the full support of their teams. I would love to see the Falcons offensive line become so steadfast that they are synonymous with Matt Ryan because they move as one six-person unit.

It improves their chances

The line play on your team makes you very dangerous. The same is true in Dallas where their offensive line is brilliant, and it shows throughout the league where drafting is done well.