Kevin Sumlin and his Texas A&M team lost to UCLA in the season opener, and they may have been robbed at the end of the game. Nonetheless, there is a booster/regent from Texas A&M who is calling for Kevin's job. I think that Texas A&M has forgotten that this is the bet they have been in a long time. They want a piece of the past, but they have a very nice version of the present.

No reason to break down the loss

Jim Mora needed this win just as much as Kevin Sumlin did, and he was in a position where he needed a very good season to keep his job. Mora is on the right track, but UCLA is a basketball school where he could be forgiven if he can get it together.

It appears that he has done a good job of recovering, and we should commend him for that regardless of how the end of the game went. UCLA is in good shape now that they have won their first game. Kevin Sumlin, however, is getting blasted by people who run his university.

The tirade is intense

This member of the board of regents at Texas A&M is very upset with Sumlin, but he is forgetting that it is not the 80s. Those of us who grew up in that time remember how RC Slocum ran the team, and he has been honored by the university ever since his retirement. However, Slocum was not a wordlbeater who won a thousand national titles and the conference several times. He was a good and respected coach who had good teams.

The people in College Station love him, but he was not Bear Bryant. He was very good, but his team was visible because there was not that much competition for air time. Kevin Sumlin has made Texas A&M relevant in the digital age where you can watch any team's games online and check their stats.

Who can they get?

The Aggies could hire anyone to run this program, but they may not be as well-suited to the job as Kevin Sumlin is.

He has done wonders with this tam, and he recruited Johnny Manziel. They beat Alabama when they should not have, and they are clearly much better than they had been for at least 20 years. Kevin Sumlin is being called on the carpet for being a part of the traditional ebb and flow of college football. Has he underperformed? He has underperformed at times, but he is still the best coach for this school.

Kevin Sumlin deserves to keep his job because he has help Texas A&M relevant in a conference that is dominated by Texas and Oklahoma. He is the best thing since RC Slocum, but we are losing our perspective by crying for his ouster when he is, frankly, still doing a very good job.