Tyrod Taylor is in the Concussion Protocol as prescribed by the NFL, and he is going to remain in it until the medical staff believes that he is ready to play. This delay in his release from the program could see him miss the beginning of the regular season. A team that is falling apart at the seams may not be all that concerned about Taylor missing games if they want to get a high draft pick. The Bills are not in the bottom four or five teams in the league, but they are very close.

Shady McCoy is their bright spot

Shady McCoy is the bright spot for the Bills, and we can all see that he is in Buffalo because they pay well.

He is trying to recruit people, but there is no reason for anyone to come to play in Buffalo. Sammy Watkins must have been happy to get traded to the Rams, and the team is in a near-tank mode. They could lose a lot of games to get someone better than Taylor, or they could stick with Taylor and build the team around him.

Jim Kelly syndrome

Buffalo suffers from Jim Kelly syndrome. They are out there looking for Jim Kelly in every person that they put under center, and they are not finding him. That is obvious considering they are underachieving every year, but it goes much deeper. They are running their team on emotion. They are running their team on the momentum of four straight trips to the Super Bowl that happened over 20 years ago.

They want Jim Kelly, but what they need is their next best thrower.

The team is not exciting

Buffalo is very far away from the rest of the NFL, and it is in a place where there is not much sunlight in the heart of the football season. It gets cold up there, and the fans are having a hard time believing in this team because they have not performed very well over the course of time.

No one can blame the fans for being frustrated, but they are not going to find a savior in Jim Kelly a second time around. He is not coming back to save them, and they have no Thurman Thomas, no Andre Reed, and no Bruce Smith. They are not taking a long and hard look at their team, and they are not considering how they would recreate their old teams from the 80s and 90s.

Tyrod could be good

The Bills may be giving up on Tyrod Taylor because they want to have one of the prospects that they see in the upcoming draft. He is out in the concussion protocol, and he is waiting to return to the field. He could lose his job in the meantime if the Bills are not sold on him at all. That would be sad, and it would see the Bills starting over completely in a year.