Carson Wentz is a phenom of the FCS world. He was a star at North Dakota State, and he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles because they believed that he was the future. He is clearly the right man for the job, but he cannot get the Eagles into the playoffs this season. They will come close, but they are not quite good enough just yet considering that the Giants and Cowboys are ahead of them.

Wentz is the Eagles' future

Wentz has to prove that he is the future of the franchise, and he has done quite a lot of improving since the beginning of last season.

The boldest prediction anyone could make for this team is that Wentz will throw for 4500 yards this season. The Eagles will play well this season even though they will not make the playoffs, and they will look good because Wentz got better. He is a very good player, and he is going to show us all that he has what it takes to step into the spotlight in this division.

They are progressing

The Eagles had a pretty big dropoff in performance last season after they started so well, but they did improve as the season went on. Someone who is watching football closely will notice that the Eagles look like a solid team. Solid is a good place to start for a team that has a young quarterback, but it will not beat the best teams in the division.

The Eagles are a pesky obstacle for the Giants and Cowboys as they aim to make the playoffs this season. Progress is hopeful for a team like this because they have the potential to take over as Eli Manning gets older.


The Eagles must feel very secure with Wentz as their quarterback because they do not have to worry about this position for the next decade.

That alone makes them a much more competitive team, and it allows them to make moves around Wentz that will help him. Any team in the NFL that is without a quarterback has to make moves with the realization that they still need a passer. The Eagles have worked that part of their roster out, and they are going to be amazing because of it.

They will get close

The Eagles will get close to being in the playoffs, but they will not get close enough. They do not have those extra few players they need to win close games, and they need to continue to develop their offense. The offense will likely be stellar a year from now when we are picking them to beat the Giants because the Giants got old and the Eagles are young. The Eagles will take a third place finish that is very hopeful for their franchise.