Notre Dame has been in a decline for many years, and it does not look like they will get any better any time soon. You may discover that a number of people are hoping to see Notre Dame have one more good season, and you should remember that this team is no longer a powerhouse. It is very hard to get into the school, and it is very hard to recruit guys to come play on NBC where everyone forgot there was college football.

South Bend is cold

South Bend, Indiana is cold. It is a cold place to live for half the year, and it is not this cosmopolitan city that guys want to go play in.

It is too far from Chicago to make a difference, and it is too far north of Indianapolis for anyone to go into the city. Players do not want to play in a place like this because the weather is not all that great, the team is not fantastic right now, and they are not close to any major cities. It is a hard place to recruit, and it seems that Brian Kelly is failing in this area.

No one wants to play on NBC

Playing on NBC does not sound like fun to any of the guys that are good enough to go to Notre Dame because they want to be seen. They have to have a brand that they can use when they go to the NFL, and they cannot build that brand if they are on NBC every Saturday where no one can see them. As someone who loves college football, this writer always forgets that Notre Dame is on another network.

They are not marketed very well, and kids can get better exposure in other places.

No conference

Notre Dame has dug its own grave by refusing to be in a conference. They were convinced to play Big East basketball which is still something of a miracle, and they are now floating around the ACC because that is where they landed in realignment.

This school has to find a conference, and they need to do so as soon as possible because the conference would help them get on TV, get more exposure, and help them recruit. The team has been rumored to be joining the ACC, but they will not do that. The ACC could use the Irish, but the Irish have to want to be in the ACC. It is easy to imagine a scenario where the CFP forces the team to join a conference when they make four big super conferences.

Change coaches

Changing coaches is really simple as long as Notre Dame is willing to pay. They act as though they have all the big money, and they should use some of that money to find someone else to coach their team. I would throw money at PJ Fleck to get him to leave Minnesota, but that is just one fellow's opinion. Notre Dame needs a change either way.