Georgia must find out if they have anything in Jake Fromm, and Notre Dame may be close to firing Brian Kelly as they sink into obscurity. We may not remember the national title game where Notre Dame got crushed, but that was so long ago that it is no longer relevant. We are simply waiting for Notre Dame to make a change, and we must see if the Georgia offense has anything to it. There are many questions hidden in this rivalry, and the biggest question is if these two schools want to continue this rivalry.

Notre Dame is sputtering

Notre Dame has not been able to capitalize on their magical run to the national title game several years ago, and it has resulted in many underwhelming seasons where they play that mythical schedule to no fanfare at all.

We completely forget that they are playing Michigan or USC, and we forget about them when they are not in the playoff picture. We have a hard time putting four teams in the playoff when there are five conferences to choose from, and we must factor in the group of five schools that are considered mid majors. A random independent school such as Notre Dame will likely never be considered because they look like an outlier.

Georgia's offense

Georgia must have a good showing with their offense regardless of how many points they score. One would hope that their quarterback will pass for more yards than the last time they played Notre Dame. If you do not recall, Georgia beat Notre Dame while a young running back named Hershel Walker ran all over the Irish defense.

They have the running backs in Athens, and they would do well to repeat that performance from over 30 years ago. Anything less from the Bulldogs would make them look listless, unprepared, and unable to salvage their offense after an injury to Jacob Eason.

The rivalry does not matter yet

These two teams must play a game that looks like the old-school Holiday Bowl if they want to keep up this rivalry.

A score that looks something like 52-45 would be exciting to watch, and it would show that these two teams truly enjoy playing one another. They will have found an amazing rivalry for early in the season, and the two may want to continue to meet in a home and home matchup. Fans want to see exciting rivalries, and sometimes they have to be created for us by TV executives.

The Bulldogs should pull out this game because they appear to be more talented than the Irish, but the offense in Athens must improve before we can take them seriously.