I teased you with Andrew Luck in the photo because he could have been the MVP, but it is hard to be the MVP if you do not start the season for your team. He could become the MVP if he comes back and plays well, but that is not necessarily going to happen. The MVP, offensive and defensive player of the year, and rookie of the year are up for grabs, and here is an early projection.


Everyone who was watching the NFL furrowed their brow when they saw that Matt Ryan was named the MVP last year. They all thought it could be Tom Brady, and it could be once again.

Ryan could be the MVP if he is brilliant, and Cam Newton could be if he is brilliant in Carolina. Russell Wilson may win it if he is given the chance to shine like he has in the past. The same could be said for Jj Watt, and it is possible that Adrian Peterson could win it if he is brilliant in New Orleans. The NFL is awash with guys who are talented, and the eventual winner will probably be Tom Brady simply because he has been the MVP for several years.

Offensive player of the year

Offensive player of the year could easily be Christian McCaffrey if he plays perfectly this season, but it is more likely that it will be Julio Jones who could catch for 2000 yards from Matt Ryan. Jones is the best receiver in football in the eyes of many, and it is believed that he will have more chances to catch balls because the Falcons have a much better offense.

Odell Beckham may be a choice here, but that may be unwise because the offensive line is terrible in New York.

Defensive player of the year

JJ Watt is likely the choice here. There is no one else to choose here because he is one of the most brilliant players in the NFL. He has played his position so well over the last few years that he is the sure-fire favorite for this award.

He may not be given this award going away, but the Texans could force the hand of voters if they make a deep playoff run on the back of JJ Watt's play. There are a number of people who may choose Eric Berry, Khalil Mack, or Michael Bennett, but Watt is probably the right choice.

Rookie of the year

Christian McCaffrey is the choice here unless it goes to Leonard Fournette or Joe Mixon.

Fournette may be the workhorse that is used in Jacksonville because they are not all that good otherwise. They may give the award to Mixon if he makes the Cincinnati offense better. Each of these guys could make some noise this season, and it is important that they play well to secure the awards they deserve.