magic johnson has told the Lakers to take the $500,000 fine for tampering out of his salary because he knows that he just got a bargain to sign Paul George. He went through all this trouble to get George to come to LA, and now there is no doubt that he can sign George at the end of this upcoming season. It is obvious that the Lakers will sign George, but the question remains what they will do to get ready for him.

Lonzo must be ready

Lonzo Ball has to be good to play with, and he has to be capable of getting the ball to George. This is a very important part of the process because George has to like what he sees when he signs his contract.

He will come to LA because he is a California kid, and he is a wonderful player who needs good pieces standing beside him. Lonzo Ball is the best talent on the roster, and he will provide a fine platform for the Lakers to begin improving.

Luke Walton

Luke Walton has to prove that he can coach all this young talent, and the Lakers must give him a platform for improving that shows he knows what to do. He was a marvelous assistant for the Warriors, and he must be a better head coach for the Lakers. They have to have a solid coach who can make them better, and they must have faith that they can get something from Walton that they have not gotten with other coaches. George has to like Walton, and they all must come together to figure out how they will manage the team in the future.

Win now

George is going to the Lakers to win right now. He might even think that LeBron James wants to come to LA to play. That could make the move to LA perfect because he can tag along as LeBron gets the Lakers close to the finals. They will need to get past the Warriors, but they would arrive at a time when the current Warrior roster might start to break apart.

This is the perfect time for the move because the entire NBA is in flux, and certain other teams are working hard to build their own rosters. Getting around the Rickets and the Celtics will be crucial for George once he shows up, and he does not have time to rebuild.

Magic can attract more

The magic of Magic is that he is able to use his personality to bring people together.

Everyone seems to love Magic, and he is a name that people know right off the bat. They do not want to miss being around Magic, and that is how he will convince people to come to LA to play for the Lakers. He is a master of using his persona to make the Lakers attractive, and he has the right personnel department to make this move happen.