Kirk Cousins has a baby on the way, and it could come while he is playing in week one of the NFL season. He should not be judged for what he chooses, and we need to push fans out of the way who will complain about what he chooses. It appears that he plans to play, and that is a family decision that is none of our business. It is only the crazy superfan who makes us talk about these things because they obviously love the Redskins more than Kirk does.

Let his wife tell him

The reality of the situation is that his wife will tell him what to do, and she likely told him to Play The Game.

There is no point in speculating about their exact conversation, but women are very tough. His wife can decide if she wants him in the room when she is in labor, and she is more than capable of weighing what that means for her as she gives birth. Again, this is a family decision that they can come to on their own.

Kirk has a right to privacy

Kirk has a right to play the game without feeling as though we are all invading his privacy, and we should leave him alone if he chooses not to play the game. It is doubtful that any football player will love their team as much as a superfan because the players are just football players some of the time. They are men and fathers and husbands and brothers at other times.

They may love playing for their team, but they cannot always make the team a priority over everything else in their life even if fans want them to do so.

He knows himself

Kirk Cousins is already planning on betting on himself as he goes into another contract year, and he can decide if he wants to play every second of every game to make sure that he has given the best impression of the player that he is.

He has that choice to make before he takes the field, and he must make that decision many times over if his wife does not give birth this weekend. Fans should leave him alone as he weighs these choices, and he should be given the space to choose what he wants to do because he is a grown person who knows himself well.

The Redskins do need him

The Redskins do not have much else going for them, and they need to have him on the field if they want to be as successful as possible. They cannot manage their offense if he is not out there, and they should be relieved that he wants to play the game. He still has to decide for sure, but he is giving the Redskins a big boost if he plays the game because they are not in a position to give up any points this season in a division where they could easily be in last place.