Many members of the evangelical advisers to Donald Trump have spoken out regarding the hate that led to a death in Charlottesville on Saturday. One voice that has remained silent is Jerry Falwell Jr., the Chancellor of Liberty University.

Evangelicals speak out against the violence in Charlottesville

There is a team of religious advisers who meet with and pray for the Donald on a regular basis. According to "Christianity Today," a majority of the two dozen preachers on Trump's advisory board spoke out against the violence that took place in Charlottesville on Saturday.

Those who voiced their opinions were careful to only address the events in Charlottesville and did not say anything about the Mr. Trump himself.

Franklin Graham actually defended Donald Trump by saying shame on the politicians who were trying to blame number 45 for the racism that was on display in Virginia on Saturday. So did Mark Burns, and African American pastor from South Carolina. Burns pointed out that there should be a separation between the racists who carried out their hateful actions in Charlottesville, and the current occupant of the Oval Office.

The silence of Jerry Falwell Jr., speaks volumes.

Paula White said white supremacy is evil, Jack Graham said racial bigotry and white supremacy should be condemned, and Robert Jeffries said we should pray for peace.

Many people are wondering however why Jerry Falwell Jr., has not given an official statement. The chancellor of Liberty University may not realize it, but for some, his silence speaks volumes and his making no statement actually is a very strong indication of his viewpoint.

Falwell could be ashamed that he supported a man for the highest office in the land, who has been showing himself to be very unpresidential.

Considering the conservative views of that Jerry Jr. has expressed it is more likely that he agrees at least in part with the way Donald Trump has handled things thus far. The namesake of the founder of Liberty University may be afraid to publicly admit that he has the same views as the Donald on sensitive issues that are dividing the nation.

Whatever the reason Jerry Falwell Jr., has decided to keep his opinion to himself. This is a disservice to the thousands of students who attend his school of learning, especially those of varied ethnicities. These individuals need to know if they are putting their money into an institution of learning that