Paula White said that after much fasting and prayer that God revealed to her that Donald Trump was to be the next president of the United States. Jerry Falwell Jr. stated that the Donald was the evangelicals dream president. On the day of the election, Franklin Graham said that the rain proved God was pleased. In spite of recent events, these three ministers are sticking to their opinion regarding number 45.

The reality of a Trump presidency

Franklin Graham's statement can easily be debunked because Matthew 5:45 says the rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous.

There is no scripture in the bible that says rain falling indicates God's favor. Unfortunately, many people took him at his word believing it was a sign from above that Trump was the right man for the 45th president. So if these three evangelicals are to be believed, then God chose a man who supports racism, when the Bible says Christ died for everyone?

Falwell tweeted that he was proud of the response the president gave in regard to Charlottesville, and Paula White decried the violence but never said a word about the man she told the world that God chose. The reality of the Trump presidency can be summed up with the story of the snake that the man fed and cared for then took into his bosom, and was bitten.

The reptile replied that the man knew he was a snake when he first picked him up. These evangelical and others knew what the Donald was and they voted for him anyway.

The real Donald Trump

Number 45 said women would allow him to do anything (sexually) to them because he was famous and admitted to grabbing female's genitals. He made fun of a disabled man and ran his entire campaign on indifference to Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, African Americans, and the LBGTQ community.

This is the real Donald Trump. This is the man three prominent evangelical leaders said was chosen by God.

All those preachers laying hands on Donald Trump and praying for him, and look what we have for it. White supremacists, Neo Nazi's and the KKK boldly threatening those who are different from themselves. If indeed God raised up this man to be the 45th president it must have been because His judgment is on this nation, because there is more divisiveness in America than there has been in a long time. Paula White, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Franklin Graham know this. They will, however, stick with their face-saving, but this only means that they will go down when the Trump ship sinks.