Paul George has been involved in hundreds of trade rumors so far, but he is still an Indiana Pacer. There is no doubt that he is the hottest trade target this summer and a lot of teams are trying to acquire him. While summer usually belongs to free agents as they are most desirable targets, George is still under contract with the Pacers, but that's not where he wants to play.

It all started with the Pacers small forward saying that he will opt out of his contract next summer. George has two more years on his contract and the final year of the contract has a player option.

He made it clear that he doesn't want to exercise it as he wants to test the free-agent market. Obviously, there will be a lot of interest for George, whether he's a free agent or not, and he will be able to pick which team he wants to sign with.

Paul George to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Stephen A. Smith recently reported that Paul George is willing to be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and willing to stay there long term if LeBron James stays as well. "But from what I heard as recently as a couple of days ago, is that he’s letting word leak to the Cleveland Cavaliers that if LeBron indeed elects to stay in Cleveland, then Paul George won’t depart Cleveland as long as LeBron is still there if they pull off a trade to acquire him,” said Smith.

Just a few days ago, George was considered mostly a rental player who would leave after one year and become a free agent. However, it seems that he has changed his mind and he is willing to be a long-term player for the Cavaliers, as long as he plays alongside the four-time MVP.

This suggests that Paul George is interested in playing with LeBron James, and it could also mean that two of them could team up on another team. However, James, just like George, has a player option on his contract next summer. He will stay in Cleveland and there's a good chance that George joins him before the season starts.

Cleveland's trade attempt for George

Cleveland Cavaliers have already attempted to trade for Paul George and it seems they are willing to give up a lot for him.

According to rumors, the Cavaliers offered Kyrie Irving and another player to the Phoenix Suns, and the Suns gave them Eric Bledsoe and the fourth overall pick in this year's draft. The Cavaliers then wanted to send the pick to the Pacers for Paul George, but the trade did not go through as LeBron couldn't guarantee he would stay in Cleveland for another year.

Will the Cavaliers finally acquire George if LeBron decides to stay for a few more years?