Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan will face off in week three of the season, and they both could score a lot of points in this game. Fantasy owners who happen to have one of these players on their team could play both of these guys because we know that their offenses will be successful. This game is a tale of two defenses, and that is where you will find that Matt Ryan gives you more fantasy football point potential than Stafford. The difference is very slight, but it is a difference nonetheless.

How can Stafford succeed in this game?

This game could well end in a score of 41-38, and Stafford will score points for the lions by finding the little holes in the defense that are present in Atlanta.

Atlanta is not perfect, and he has to get the ball to the right people at the right times without waiting for even a second. It might be possible for him to pick apart the Atlanta defense provided that Vic Beasley never sacks him. If Beasley gets to Stafford, fantasy owners will be very sad.

Matt Ryan and Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian seems to be having a good time coaching in Atlanta because he keeps rolling out new little things that will make the Falcons offense better. There seems to be a new play every week that is not very familiar, and those plays will confuse opposing defenses. The Lions defense is not good enough to keep up with things like that, and the Falcons will likely start scoring at a high rate.


The Falcons seem to have more stamina overall even though there are still concerns about how they play in the fourth quarter. The Lions are probably not as deep or as fast as the Falcons, and the Lions will probably get tired at the end of the game. They will be worn out enough that the Falcons can probably score a lot of points in garbage time.

If the game has a lopsided score, that will be because the Falcons got a lot of points when the Lions were depleted and tired.

Trust both players

Both players will be good for the balance of the season as know they will throw for well over 4000 yards. The issue for these players is their particular matchups on a weekly basis.

Ryan cannot throw for 400 yards every week, and Stafford cannot do that either. These two will play a high scoring game Sunday because both offenses are so strong, but that will not always be the case. The Packers could stump the Lions, and the Panthers could easily stump the Falcons. Careful study of future games will show that these quarterbacks have favorable matchups throughout the season.