Ezekiel Elliott is embroiled in a legal drama that could see him suspended for six games this season, a court throwing out the suspension, or the courts doing nothing at all. Dallas has to grapple with the fact that they could lose him for six games this season, but they need to be more concerned about what will happen if the NFL has had enough of him, and kicks him out after another transgression that may happen in the future.

He could screw up at any time

Frankly, I hope he does what he should do and stay his butt at home until he retires. Sit at home, have some friends over, get drunk, and sleep in your own bed.

That would probably be the best choice for Elliott, but we do not know if he will do that or not. All we know for sure is that he has made some really bad choices. If he makes another one, he could be out of the NFL for good. Someone who gets kicked out of the NFL for good has to push the league really hard, and he leaves his team at a big disadvantage going forward.

They start again on offense

The Cowboys would be justified in drafting another running back next year just in case, or they could spend a lot of money and bring in someone who would perform right away. They could get the last couple years out of Adrian Peterson, or they could lure someone like Tevin Coleman from the Falcons. They would have to do something immediately while they have that amazing offensive line and quarterback.

They have their team put together perfectly, and Elliott is threatening to mess that up because he is a knucklehead.

Jerry will spend money

Jerry Jones may spend money to have someone follow this guy around all the time. He would be Elliott's paid best friend, and that person could keep him in line. It is too easy for young players with a lot of money to get into trouble, and it would be simple for Jerry Jones to pay for a bodyguard.

He actually does care about his players, and he would do that if he thought it would help this guy. It may be the only thing that can be done, and it may need to be done as soon as possible to avoid any kind of problems that would leave the Cowboys in a lurch.

The NFL does not care

It is clear that the NFL does not care if the Cowboys do not have Elliott for the future.

They have been plain about the fact that they will hang the Cowboys out to dry, and they will kick this guy out of the league if they have to. Everyone in this situation has to be very careful, and they need to remember that the NFL will guard the shield with all its might.