In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys used their first-round draft pick to select Ezekiel Elliott, a running back from Ohio State. As Cowboys fans usually do, many questioned the pick, believing the hype that running backs are overrated and not important. In 2016, Elliott proved all the doubters wrong and finished the season by winning the NFL Rushing Title and helping lead the Cowboys to the best record in the NFC and a spot in the playoffs.

While Ezekiel Elliott could be happy about his rookie season, the Dallas Cowboys star running back doesn't want to just rest on what he accomplished last year.

According to Elliott, he wants to be better and sees a lot of room for improvement in 2017.

Ezekiel Elliott's determination

When asked about the Dallas Cowboys 2016 season, Ezekiel Elliott said that he doesn't see the 1,631 rushing yards, which was tops in the NFL. The Cowboys runner also said he doesn't see the seven 100-yard games, four others that hit 90 yards, and three more that hit 80 yards. Instead, Elliott said that he sees that it could have been so much more.

Ezekiel Elliott said that he saw a lot of runs where he could have made even more yards and didn't. According to the Dallas Cowboys superstar, those extra yards are what will transform him from a great running back into an elite running back.

The extra yards will take him from 1,600 yards and move him up to 1,800 or 1,900 yards in a season.

The Dallas Cowboys have had great running backs in their team's history, including Hall of Fame stars like Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith, the NFL's all-time leading rusher. However, the best single-season for a Cowboys running back was DeMarco Murray three years ago with 1,845 yards.

Ezekiel Elliott has the same basic offensive line Murray had, and it might even be better.

Dallas Cowboys running game in 2017

Ezekiel Elliott is not letting anyone take the blame from his shoulders. He knows that the Dallas Cowboys have one of, if not the best offensive line in the NFL right now. Four of the starters are all first round draft picks and the fifth, La'el Collins, would have been if not for off-the-field problems that had nothing to do with him.

Elliott also has a great young quarterback in Dak Prescott, a player who can make other teams play fair and not stack the line against Ezekiel. However, Ezekiel Elliott wants to get better and show he can do it regardless of the circumstance. Elliott said that he is more comfortable in the Dallas Cowboys system and can study defenses now and prepare to improve on an already hot start to his career.