The Seattle Seahawks are in a good position to go to the Super Bowl, and they will give everyone reason to believe that they could go back. They will fall into the logjam at the top of the NFL, and there are many different reasons why they could beat the Packers and the Falcons to get back to the Super Bowl. How can they get past those other teams who are just as good as they are?

That defense

That defense they have in Seattle is so good that they should not be trifled with it in any way. They have been very good for a long time, and they are coached by Pete Carroll as if he is the defensive guru of his generation.

He is honestly a better defensive coach than Bill Belichick, and he is so good that he could change the way we tackle by using rugby tactics to teach his players. There is a belief that the Seattle defense will fall apart because of the way their egos clash, but it looks as though they can circle the wagons and perform. These guys know where their bread is buttered, and they know that the team gives them the best chance to win.

Russell Wilson

We can make fun of Russell Wilson for dumping his white ex-wife to marry Ciara, and we can make fun of him for how he puts some of his personal business out there. However, he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and he is good enough to pull them back to another Super Bowl.

He has been to two Super Bowls, and he has already won one for the people of Seattle. He must be respected because he is so efficient, and he always has pieces that will help him.

Seattle is a hard place to play

Seattle is a hard place to play because the crowds up there are completely raucous, and they are so loud that the people who show up will make so much clatter that the other teams can hardly focus.

They use that homefield advantage to their advantage every week they are at home, and they will easily have a chance to win each home game. They are in a bad division that is so weak that they will likely win most of their games going away. Going 6-0 in your division will send you right to the playoffs, and you will find that the team is very rested when they get to the playoffs even if they are playing in the wild card round.

They are coached properly

We can knock them for the bad play-calling that lost them a Super Bowl, but they are coached well most of the time. Pete Carroll knows what he is doing, and he has won championships at both levels. That kind of guy does not come along often, and he gives the Seahawks every chance to win on Sundays.