The writers of "The Young and the Restless' must have fallen and bumped their heads like Victoria Newman. Lately, they have been allowing Nick and Sharon's daughter Faith to run things in Genoa City. This 9-year-old girl needs to be reminded that she is a child. And does not control the adults in her life.

Faith has been running the show

Ever since she returned from summer camp, Faith Newman has been controlling the adults in Genoa City as if they were chess pieces.She has also had a hateful attitude that in decades gone by would have gotten her a good old-fashioned spanking.

Initially, upon her return, she was angry because her dad had moved in with Chelsea, and Faith was required to live there as well. She let Nick and his live-in girlfriend know that she would never consider any place her home except her grandfather's ranch.

When everyone, including Sharon, Nikki, and Victor encouraged her to give living with Chelsea a chance, this mere child reminded them all that her father's lover was not really her stepmom. Faith was disrespectful with everyone, including the great Victor Newman. Not one of them put this girl in her place. Instead, they pacified her saying that she should have been included in the plans to move from the ranch. Clearly, Faith is running things and the adults in her life are giving this little girl free reign.

Victor's lies are exposed and Faith disrespects him

Faith was told that her father decided to move them all to Chelsea's apartment and has been questioning Nick every since, as to why he disrupted the life she enjoyed. On Friday the truth was revealed to the child, that Grandpa Victor had actually forced his son off of the ranch.

Faith was her usual disrespectful self, pointing out to her father that she had been lied to. Nick explained that they dd not tell her because they did not want to upset her. Later Faith confronted Victor in the stables and told her grandfather that she could no longer trust him.

Nick, Victor, Chelsea, Sharon, and Nikki have all been trying to appease Faith when they should be putting this child in her place.

Faith Newman is not 18 and does not own any property or pay bills. This 9-year-old child does not have to be consulted when the adults in her life make adult decisions. Spoiler alerts indicate that this week, Nick will brag to Chelsea that his daughter stood up to Victor.

No 9-year-old child should be standing up to any adult especially not her grandfather. It is rude and disrespectful. In time Faith should have been told the truth why Nick moved from the tac house, but this child has no business arguing with her parents, grandfather and potential stepmom. Genoa City. "The Young and the Restless" writers should think long and hard before pursuing this storyline where a little girl, who should be playing with dolls is disrespecting all the adults in Genoa City. It's just not good form. Obviously, the days of children being seen and not heard are long gone.