On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Victoria threw Cane out of her house when she found him berating Reed because of Mattie. "Y&R" spoilers hint that an out of control Cane will go to Lily and try to force her to be in agreement with him about the teens. With their parents up in arms over the situation, it may be time for Billy to step in and do some damage control.

Billy has been on the periphery

Some time back, Reed confided in his step dad about Cane's aversion to his dating his daughter. The teen's stepfather told him that he must obey the adults because Mattie is a minor.

This has been the only time Mr. Abbot has been seriously consulted regarding the growing attraction between his stepson and the daughter of his former co-worker. He has mostly been on the periphery of this situation, but all of that could soon change.

Spoilers state that Cane is going to blame Reed for Mattie missing school. Expect Lily to agree with him in keeping the young couple apart. Lily, however, is going to be more concerned with her estranged spouses out of control behavior. Spoilers also indicate Mrs. Ashby will address the fact that Cane had no right to go charging into Victoria's house and attacking her son. She will also point out how Neil trying to keep the two of them apart only made them want to see each other more.

Cane is so filled with rage against Victoria and worries about his child that he probably will not listen to this reasoning. After he verbally assaulted Reed, Vicky had to literally push him out of her house, and as she did she had another headache. This is why there is the possibility that Billy could help. Victoria will no doubt tell her ex husband of all that has transpired, and he may decide to talk to Reed, as well as Lily and Cane.

Billy Abbot has changed

Last week, Victoria told her ex how much he has changed and grown as a man. The new and improved Billy told his stepson he must obey the rules because he is not yet an adult. He may also have a heart to heart with Lily at work, discussing the situation and advising her to keep Cane on a short leash. However, if Mr.

Abbot decides to have words with his step-brother, things could get heated. His protective side, where his former wife is concerned, may cause him to lash out in a way that causes he and Cane to get into an actual fight.

In the middle of all the adult drama, spoilers indicate Mattie and Charlie will say goodbye this week at Crimson Lights. This will be after Lily has spoken candidly with her daughter about her own mistakes as a willful youth. There have been no long term projections regarding the outcome of these teens who are falling in love, and it does not look like their parents are going to come to an agreement any time soon.

Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out if this young couple will ever be able to have a real relationship.