trump had a good idea on his way to the disaster his presidency has been thus far. He was going to pull back from disastrous foreign involvement.

Check that out in Venezuela, China, the two Koreas, and above all, in afghanistan. Did I leave out the rest of the Middle East? The neo-liberal neocons who like fortress America can breathe easy. Whether Donald has any idea what he is doing, he is playing out the cards that W and others dealt him. He wants to give another 80 billion to defense. Everything is hunky-dory for militarists.

The Gray Lady is on board

Today's New York Times doesn't even blink -- its headline says that we are prepping for the "next" decade of a war that has already hit the sixteen-year mark. And what are we doing? Circling the wagons in Kabul because no one believes that the Taliban is not the superior force in a country where most of the people are so used to war that they just grin and bear it.

Danger zone

You will note from this revealing story that we are tripling the so-called safe area of Kabul. The only problem is that anyone can enter it with a little guile. If they are suicidal they can see how many innocents they can kill with a single pull of the string or whatever they use to explode themselves.

It is as though the US received an invitation to a slaughter and brought millions of dollars to make it a real occasion.

No peace movement here

We are supposed to be following a Jesus who can transfigure us from violent bozos to peaceful human beings. If we are to be giving our lives it should be to free people who are imprisoned, not make a holy hell of things.

President Obama was hardly a peacenik but at least he exercised caution in dealing with foreign matters. Trump is looking as though he can corral the military with ease and that they just might do whatever he wakes up and thinks should be done today or tomorrow.

Disarray at home

If this was the only story it would be bad enough.

But there are three more and each of them suggests that we are headed for near-term disaster. Despite Trump's recent accords with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, this is just an effort to pass two items of legislation that Trump happens to agree with these Democrats on. If these are the only things that get done this year the disaster of Trump and the GOP will only become more evident.

The other two stories are the collapse of the GOP and the collapse of the Trump agenda. And the big one. The Mueller incursion which could well come in the midst of the rest of the year. Are you comfortable with things these days?