Based on my Facebook feed (and possibly yours, too), Millennials appear to be quite outspoken when they talk about their opinions. What's good about this generation is that they get to express what they want to tell the World.

This generation has created a group of people who are responsible for pushing and creating changes. These people are quite remarkable because they act as catalysts and instigators of movements and campaigns. Social media has been their number one platform for getting their message across different fields. The rampant use of this medium has only furthered their capacity to initiate changes.

Now, this leads us to ponder about their own views concerning pressing matters around the world. What are their thoughts and feelings about the current issues? Which is the most unsettling problem?

As reported by PopSugar, the data from the World Economic Fund shows the top important issues for Millennials:


Don't even get me started. CNBC reports that the recent data from Transparency International's latest annual review shows the most corrupt countries in the world. The list isn't pretty. There has to be a better solution for this.


Religion And Geopolitics discusses the trending issues about religion. Extremists are responsible for religious hostilities around the globe. The bottom line is, these people create conflict and it spreads like wildfire.

In the end, it only causes suffering for the majority of the affected population.


Foreign Policy talks about the ongoing conflicts and how war displaces people who are caught in the middle. In war, no one wins. Everyone treats it like a game and people end up losing everything. It's unfortunate that leaders cannot see the truth from their own point of view.

Climate change

National Geographic talks about ways how to reverse climate change. The never-ending fight for climate change has reached its peak. While there are still people who refuse to acknowledge that this is happening worldwide, there are those who put their best effort in order to make the world a better place.

As these matters prove to be of utmost importance, let's not be satisfied just by standing on the sidelines.

Use all platforms to magnify your voice and bring change to the world. The result of our actions may have a greater impact on our future and the effect is even bigger than what we've imagined. We can certainly make a difference no matter how big or small our actions are.