Thursday on "The Young and the Restless" things became pretty intense for Reed and Mattie. The teens kissed each other goodbye because they have no idea when they can see each other again. When they went home, their parents laid down the law, and it looks like this may be the end for the teens unless love finds a way.

Victoria was lenient, but Cane and Lily went hard core

When Reed arrived home from school, his mother tried explaining that Cane would do everything he could to keep him from ever seeing his daughter again. Victoria was understanding regarding young love but grounded her son for one week.

Mattie, however, did not get the same leniency from her parents. Cane said that Victoria did not have high expectations of her son and that the Newmans were used to getting their way.

He and Lily told Mattie was wrong to skip school and be alone with a boy without parents in the house. They said she was to have no more contact with Reed and they grounded her for a month. She also lost her cell phone privileges. Mattie lashed out at her father pointing out that he had sex with a stranger and got her pregnant. She added that if Cane had never slept with Juliet, no one would care that she was friends with Reed.

After Cane leaves, Lily has a heart to heart talk with her daughter. She shares details of her teen years in hopes Mattie will not make the same mistakes.

Lily is really in a spot because Reed is her bosses son. She is trying to protect her daughter, not lose her job and keep Cane from causing more problems. Mattie, however only wants to be with the boy she is falling in love with.

Love may find a way for Reed and Mattie to be together

Mattie is distraught because of all the drama the adults in her life are causing.

She is angry at her father and is becoming very headstrong. She is going to find a way to see Reed and Hilary may be the key. Ms. Curtis kept the secret. She could now turn out to be any ally by helping the teens see each other behind their parent's backs. Hilary is always pitting people against each other. Right now she is conspiring with Cane to keep Lily and Jordan apart, but he does not know she saw Mattie ad Reed kissing.

Hilary also is advising Phyllis to fight Victoria for Billy, so it would be nothing for her to get in the middle of the situation with her niece and Vicky's son. "The Young and the Restless" fans know that this will not be as simple as Reed and Mattie staying away from each other. Lily and Cane may believe they have put an end to things, but the situation is probably just beginning to heat up. Stay tuned for more spoiler alerts, to keep informed and find out if love will find a way.