Hurricane Irma is coming down on Florida, and the Dolphins are having their game moved out of Miami for this weekend. A likely date for them to play is in November when the Bucs have the same Bye Week that they do, and they would have to play a brutal stretch of games because of the lack of a bye week. Nothing is confirmed yet, but we can talk about what happens if they miss their bye week. The hurricane has caused a problem in the Miami schedule, but we should hope that everyone can stay safe.

No bye week

No bye week for the Dolphins is a tiny thing as compared to what will happen when the hurricane comes to town, and they must consider how they will manage their season because the NFL schedule will not stop.

There is nothing that can stop them from running their schedule, and the Dolphins have to fit in as best as they can. The common bye week helps these teams play in the middle of November, and it could be a very important game if Jay Cutler is good and the Bucs are improved.


Hopefully the NFL will step up to help the city of Miami recover after they have been hit by this hurricane, and they will surely give the Dolphins some help in the course of their schedule. There are many different things that could happen when the city has been hit by this hurricane, and they may need to move other games if the stadium is not functional, used as a staging area for recovery, or it simply not useful at all.

Other games

The games in the NFL schedule that are impacted by the storm will be something that must be taken care of by everyone. The sad incident that the Astros went through when the Rangers would not help them should not repeated, and it is important that all of the teams in the NFL are willing to work with the Dolphins.

They may need to play in Orlando or Jacksonville, and it may be necessary for them to change home game sites during the season to ensure that they can fit all their games in.

Helping others

Miami will likely spend a lot of time to ensure that they can help people in the city, and it is important that they have spent the time to give back to their community because they can ensure that the city will recover as they try to play for pride.

Someone who is trying to come back from this storm may feel a tiny sense of pride in their Dolphins, and these players will likely be very good about helping the people who have been hit much harder by this storm. We do not even know what will happen, but we need to be mindful of the fact that the storm could cause problems for many years to come that are far beyond a simple set of football games.