With only a few weeks before training camp opens, the New York Knicks have yet to decide the fate of Carmelo Anthony. According to league sources, the Knicks are far from closing a deal involving the ten-time All-Star.

Ever since former Knicks president Phil Jackson suggested that the team is “better off” without Carmelo, many believed it was only a matter of time before the trade transpires. Yet he failed to negotiate Carmelo’s way out. In the end, Jackson and the Knicks mutually agreed to part ways. But the idea to trade Carmelo Anthony did not end with Jackson’s exit.

Houston remains hopeful

The Knicks reportedly came close to dealing Carmelo to the Houston Rockets, his only preferred destination. But the Rockets’ roster was already depleted after bringing in Chris Paul. Per league sources, Houston doesn't have any appealing trade assets. Plus, having Ryan Anderson’s three-year contract worth $60 million inserted in the package is a no-go for the Knicks.

This is why the Rockets recruited the Milwaukee Bucks to make the trade enticing for the Knicks. The deal would supposedly have sent Jabari Parker and either John Henson or Greg Monroe to New York. However, the Bucks front office is also trying to shed their payroll and is not interested in Anderson’s contract.

The Houston Rockets remain hopeful they can still run after Carmelo Anthony. According to some reports, if they cannot get him this offseason, the Rockets will come up with a better deal by Dec. 15. By then, free agents who recently signed last summer will become available to be traded.

Moving on without Carmelo

The New York Knicks training camp is scheduled to open this coming Sept.

25. If the Knicks fails to find the right trade partner, many expect Carmelo Anthony to attend the training camp. Being a professional player that he is, Carmelo is expected to attend other related activities like media day among other interviews.

Yet that would look awkward for the New York Knicks especially since the ads on social media and team website no longer shows Carmelo’s familiar face.

Mills’ vision for the team which was posted on the Knicks website did not mention Carmelo’s name either.

Clearly, the Knicks management has already laid out plans for the team's future without Carmelo. But somehow, their plan does not include a failed bid to trade him out. In fact, they don’t even plan on buying out his remaining two-year contract worth $44 million.

Carmelo is just waiting for the Knicks to come up with a trade deal with the Rockets, the only team he will readily agree to waive his no-trade clause for. And like the Knicks front office, Carmelo’s preference hasn't changed, according to league sources. He wanted out.