The Ohio State Buckeyes got embarrassed by the Oklahoma Sooners, and we have to admit to ourselves that Jt Barrett is not elite. He is a good player, but he is not elite. It looks like Urban Meyer is overlooking certain teams because he thinks that he can beat them, and we have to wonder if his message is no longer working in Columbus. Ohio State should have beaten Oklahoma, or is Lincoln Riley really that good? This is an interesting question to think about.

Meyer messed up

Urban Meyer has done a poor job keeping his roster together. It is true that guys will go to the NFL if they want to, but he has not been able to keep his roster consistent.

It has looked very disjunct since they won a national title, and they have finally been stuck with JT Barrett who is not as good as we thought. He is clearly a good talent, but he may need to be a receiver or running back in the NFL if he wants to play professional football. He has not played very well, and we have to expect that he is not going to get much better any time soon. Barrett has not made very good decisions, and it feels like someone else may need to come in to help the Buckeyes gets back on the right page. Barrett is not playing at his best, and he may not be the right person for this team. Perhaps his time has passed.


We all thought that the defense in Columbus was much better than it actually is.

Baker Mayfield made them look very bad, and they need to regroup because they were simply not coached that well. The Buckeyes looked like they were walking around confused for part of that game, and they allowed Oklahoma to win the game without doing anything difficult. The game was a drubbing that should not have happened, and Ohio State gave the Sooners a reason to believe they can actually win a national title this year.

There are many reasons to not trust this defense, and we may see those reasons laid bare when Ohio State loses to Michigan.

Yes, they will lose to Michigan

The Ohio State team as it is presently constructed will lose to Michigan. They just do not have it this year, and they should be expected to get much better in the future.

Next year could be a very good one because they have given way to teams like Michigan and Oklahoma in the present. There are many different people who want to see Michigan step up, and this writer has called on Michigan to actually have a signature win. Michigan could beat the Buckeyes really badly at the end of the year, and that would send Michigan into the playoff. Urban needs to go back to the drawing board,