Spoiler alerts this week address a subject that just won't go away, the pregnancy of Juliet Helton. Fans of "The Young and the Restless' also continue to believe something is not quite right. There are a number of issues that have not been resolved to the viewers' satisfaction. Cane and Lily are in so much pain, they may not realize they are being duped once again. There are questions that remain unanswered and situations that simply do not add up.

The unanswered questions surrounding Juliet and her baby

The night the child was supposedly conceived, Cane was so drunk he could not stand up, and Ms.

Helton had to help him to his room. A man in that shape more than likely was not able to perform. The next morning Cane found an earring in his bed, and later a negligee in his briefcase. This looks as if Juliet wanted to make sure Cane suspected something. An earring in the bed is something that can easily happen, but the nightgown had to be placed in the briefcase on purpose.

Spoiler alerts point out the fact that Juliet did not faint until she was cornered and being questioned about the sexual harassment lawsuit against "Brash and Sassy." They also mention the fact that she remains covered up, and no one has seen her baby bump. It would seem that she would want everyone to see the evidence so they will stop doubting her.

Cane and Lily have been down the path of fake paternity tests with Chloe. You would think they would be a little more skeptical this time around.

If Juliet is faking the pregnancy, she would need an accomplice

The big question is, "Who is assisting Juliet if she is faking her pregnancy?" She does not really know anyone in town except the "Brash and Sassy" team, and Hilary.

There is only one person outside of Ms. Curtis who would like a wedge between the Ashby's and that is Jordan. He and Lily knew each other from years ago, and when they reconnected it was evident he had feelings for her. Jordan has a past history with Chelsea who is was a grifter, but details have never been explained. If he were also a con artist, could he have set all this up in order to get Lily away from Cane?

Did Jordan also know Juliet, and did they work together across continents to set Cane up? There is a missing link somewhere in this storyline, and "The Young and the Restless" has kept fans in limbo for six months. It's time they let the cat out of the bag, and at least reveal to the viewers what is really going on. A survey done by Poll Daddy indicated that 71% of respondents do not believe Ms. Helton is pregnant. It's time the powers that be move this storyline along and let everyone know for sure.