Friday on "The Young and the Restless" Hilary listened to a tape that could prove Juliet Helton is lying. If this truth is not revealed soon Cane and Lily's family could be torn apart. All of genoa city could be rocked by a scandal that turns out to be baseless.

The complex web that Juliet has spun

Juliet got Cane so drunk on Sake in Japan that she had to help him to his hotel room. The next morning Cane finds one of her earrings in his bed. He later finds Juliet's negligee in his briefcase. Ms. Helton later tells Cane they slept together but fans believe she is lying.

From the beginning, this looks like a setup and when Cane cannot remember the previous night viewers are suspicious.

Cane convinced Juliet to keep the one night a secret so his wife Lily would not be hurt and she agrees. Juliet is hired by "Brash and Sassy" and their lives go on as if nothing happened until Ms. Helton is fired. Suddenly Juliet is claiming Cane sexually harassed her by promising a job in exchange for the night in Tokyo. She files a lawsuit and when Lily confronts her Juliet faints. She is taken to the hospital and after an exam shows Cane and Lily proof that she is pregnant.

Cane and Juliet were in Tokyo 3 months earlier. Pregnant women who faint usually do so, in the beginning, stage of the first trimester.

Juliet is now at the beginning of her second. On Friday Leslie who is representing Juliet told her that Victoria had settled the suit. Ms. Helton immediately goes to thank Hillary Curtis who initiated the lawsuit and gave her Lesli's number.

As the two women are embracing Juliet remarks that her financial woes are overall while Hilary holds in her hand the tape where Juliet said Cane did not sexually harass her.

Juliet has spun a complex web of deceit and only she knows the complete truth. It sounds as if she were only in it for the money but Ms. Helton did not initiate the lawsuit it was Hilary who encouraged her to go for it. Had Hilary not intervened what would have Ms. Helton's game plan been?

Just the facts about Ms. Helton's case

There are certain facts that do not change in this intriguing tale. Juliet went into Cane's hotel room and later emerged. Cane as so drunk he has no idea of what happened. Juliet has presented Cane and Lily with test results stating she is with child. There is no evidence that Cane and Juliet had sex, and paternity cannot be proven until Ms. Helton submits to a test. Viewers do not know if she really is expecting a baby or has a fake test ready and waiting.

Spoiler alerts have indicated conflicting storylines which compound the situation. Spoilers at first said Juliet would admit on the witness stand that she lied but now there will be no going to court because of Victoria who settled the case.

This plot is thickening and viewers must pay careful attention to detail during the next few weeks. Something is amiss that is not yet being revealed. The truth needs to come out before Cane and Lily and their twins lives are forever altered.