It’s Tuesday, dear Pisces, and here is your daily horoscope for today:

What to expect

Relationships take a long time to build, so it would be really unfortunate if you let unfounded misunderstandings destroy them. Think carefully about gossip being spread about by third parties. Could it be that they’re envious of your happiness and want to break in? Your heart is leading you to agree with that theory so keep guarded today and make sure that your someone special doesn’t fall victim to believing rumors either.

You’ve never been superstitious, but you know when something has been sent from a higher level to guide you.

At this time, dreams, symbols, and things that are more than meet the eye play a big part in your life. The stars advise that they are here for a reason and a hidden message needs to be uncovered. Recurring themes and a sense of deja vu may lead you off the beaten path today.

Luck is just coming at you from all different directions today. You’re surprised but pleased, and don’t worry, the good times are just getting started. Have you been thinking about pinching pennies? Well, you’re likely to have a windfall from an unexpected place: a raise, the lottery, a twenty dollar bill you find blown against your front door. Just say thanks to the stars for looking out for you. Enjoy yourself today and treat yourself to something special.

If you’re planning to paint the town red or blue with stripes, just watch your alcohol intake. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow with no recollection of this fantastic day.

Jade is a lovely shade of green and you’ll improve your prospects for success if you wear it today. Go on a short trip if you can, to stimulate your senses and rediscover the real you.

Your family will bring much happiness to your life today as you all celebrate an occasion together. The moon moving into Leo clears hurdles from your path and anyone you bond with will view you as their very own superhero.

How to get through your day

We're only as strong as the weakest link, and family means everything to you.

Today, you’re feeling obligated to act out of a sense of duty for someone emotionally lost. Take this time to help him/her find their purpose, Pisces. This person really has it hard and no one genuine to talk to. You’ve been in his/her shoes so you can definitely relate. Your empathy for others is legendary and something that others should try to emulate.

That’s all for today’s insight from the stars, Pisces. Come back tomorrow for Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Pisces.