Ed Cunningham has left the ESPN broadcasting booth after 20 years because he does not feel he can promote the game because of the player safety issues that exist in the sport. Concussions and player injuries are a Part of the game, but they have become much more prevalent over the recent years. Cunningham has made a choice to stop broadcasting the game that he grew up loving. This is a brave choice that he is making given the information that we have about the game today.

Players are retiring early

There are many players retiring early from football because they are afraid of brain injury, and there are many more that are pushing for more research into player safety.

These players are hoping to have a safer game, or they are walking away because they want to have their health. That in itself is a protest that many people can get behind, and they will continue to do so as the game is thinned out in numbers.

The broadcaster protest means more

The Ed Cunningham broadcaster protest means more for the game of football because he is no longer at risk of being harmed by the game. He is sitting in a booth talking about the game, and he is paid well to do so. Stopping a job like that because you cannot stand to watch players hurt themselves is a noble thing to do. It is important for people to see that Ed Cunningham is giving up part of his income because he objects to the way that the game harms people.

We do not have all the evidence, but we know that football does something to the brain and the body that is not good for your long-term health.

He is being forthright

Ed is talking about what he believes, and I applaud him for putting himself out there for criticism. Surely, somebody will call him a wimp or a coward for walking away from a man's game, and they will criticize him for not staying in the booth to speak out about player safety.

He will be raked over the coals by some, and he will be praised by others. I think it is much braver for him to say what he believes instead of simply retiring or taking another job.

Maybe others will speak up

There are other broadcasters who may stay in their jobs and speak up given what Ed has done. They know him because they have worked with him, and they can say what is on their mind about this game.

Football is a collision sport that will take a toll on your body, and it will cause problems for any players who take too many hits. Ed Cunningham is simply recoiling because he cannot stand to watch it anymore.