In the console gaming community, there are two types of platforms that gamers can play with: Home Consoles and handhelds. Home consoles are platforms that can be played with a big display like a TV or a monitor, while handhelds are the mobile type of consoles that have their own displays.

Some gamers prefer the home consoles, while there are others that prefer the mobility of the handhelds. Which is the better platform of choice? Here are some of the Pros And Cons of each item and which one has the better features.

Couch companion versus mobility

Home consoles like the PlayStation and the Xbox models are usually heavy to bring around. They also have wires, power boxes, and other accessories that make it bulkier to bring to another location. This is why it is best that it should stay in one location to play your favorite games.

The handheld on the other hand like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita has a lighter build. They can be brought anywhere and put inside a bag at your convenience. There could be some other wires for charging the batteries but compared to the home consoles it has fewer items to bring.

Gameplay everywhere versus longer gameplay

The beauty of the handheld system is its mobility, which allows players to play their favorite games anywhere they want.

They will not be hindered by staying at home because they can just go outdoors, play there, and also get some sunshine. You can enjoy your game and also enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but the problem is the handheld’s battery life.

The home consoles have a better position regarding gameplay life. Players can play longer with a home console because their control pads can be recharged right away with a USB cable.

Some players are not that much of an outdoorsman anyways, so this is another perk for them to stay at home.

Favorite games played anywhere versus superb graphic visuals

The handheld for some time now has been trying to make their ported games have the same level of graphic prowess with the home consoles. It has progressed over the years, but unfortunately, the opposition still stands stronger.

New handhelds like the PS Vita does have better visuals, and the hybrid Nintendo Switch strongly competes against the competition.

The home consoles are still vastly superior concerning graphic visuals with its powerful hardware and its partners: LCD, LED, 4K TVs, and much more. It has higher resolution, has vibrant colors, loads better, and the visuals have more detail compared to the handheld displays.

So who is the winner? Again, this is a matter of preference and comfort, but the clear winner is the home console system. It has better visuals, longer gameplay, and a great couch companion.

Check out this comparison gameplay video for "Toukiden 2" here: